Set complet 99 cartes : 35 euros

OFFRE SPECIALE :  SET SERIE 1 + SET SERIE 2 : 60 euros au lieu de 70 euros

  GALLERY : 5 euros la carte
Disponibles ŕ l'unité : GG20 (Tatiana Romanova),  GG24 (Rosie Carver), GG27 (Holly Goodhead), GG28 (Melina Havelock),
                                     GG31 (May Day), GG34 (Paris Carver),
GG35 (Wai Lin)

SKYFALL POSTER :5 euros la carte
Disponibles ŕ l'unité : SF2 - Severine, SF4 - Eve

  FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE SET  : 60 euros le set de 108 cartes

  GOLD PLAQUE : 5 euros la carte
Disponibles ŕ l'unité : P16 - Licence to kill, P18 - Tomorrow never dies, P21 - Casino Royale

AUTOGRAPHES 40Th anniversary style

(L) : Limited (300-500 cartes)
(VL) : Very Limited (200-300 cartes)

  A167 Kim Norton as Zorin Party Guest in A View To A Kill  : 15 euros

A170 Nina Muschallik as Verushka in The World Is Not Enough : 20 euros

A172 Nina Young as Tamara Steele in Tomorrow Never Dies : 20 euros

A176 Lesley Langley as Flying Circus Pilot in Goldfinger (L) : 25 euros

A181 Simon Andreu as Dr. Alvarez in Die Another Day (L) : 20 euros

A195 David Yip as Chuck Lee in A View To A Kill (L) : 25 euros

A216 Frank McRae as Sharkey in Licence To Kill (L) : 20 euros

A219 Jack Klaff as Apostis in For Your Eyes Only (L) : 20 euros

A221 Neville Jason as Kerim Bay's Chauffeur in From Russia With Love (L) : 20 euros



(L) : Limited (300-500 cartes)

Anne Lonnberg as Museum Guide in Moonraker (L) : 20 euros

Tony Meyer as Grischka in Octopussy  : 20 euros

Christopher Muncke as U.S.S. Crewman in The Spy … (L) : 20 euros

Colin Salmon as Charles Robinson in Die Another Day (L) : 30 euros

Sean Bean as Alec Trevelyan in GoldenEye (L) : 50 euros

Lois Chiles as Dr. Holly Goodhead in Moonraker (L) : 50 euros

Richard Kiel as Jaws in The Spy Who Loved Me (L) : 50 euros


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